Grupo Ares


We work with all client types and sizes. The synergies created working closely with the other companies in the group facilitate the application of the experience and knowledge acquired over decades in the renewable energy sector.

Reports and manuals

By applying our extensive experience and know-how to the different turbine models on the market, we can generate detailed reports on the installed machinery and specific maintenance manuals that can optimise the tasks indicated by the manufacturers, while ensuring all safety standards are maintained, safety being one of our priorities.

We generate reports and manuals to:

  • Optimise KPIs.
  • Appropriately plan maintenance work.
  • Develop activities that will increase the park’s annual energy production.
  • Ensure and maintain the high safety standards in the plant facilities, and operations and tasks that are carried out there.
  • OPEX optimisation.


All our manuals and procedures comply with IEC 61400 standard.

Study, analyse and diagnose

Recurring incidents are analysed, remote monitoring strategies and on-site inspections are designed, and time planning is studied. An analysis of the current system gives us an overview of whether there are recurrent failures that might cause economic losses for the plant.

We use SCADA, statistical analysis and Big Data tools to carry out studies of the park variables and detect trends. These new technologies help us identify the most appropriate time to carry out maintenance tasks.


We manage all maintenance and repair work contracts, and are responsible for the supply chain and large components.

Wind farms often use a wide range of different brands and models installed from a variety of electrical equipment manufacturers. This, together with the rapid development of increasingly powerful wind turbine models, and the need to manufacture electrical equipment capable of evacuating its energy, means that the variety of existing models is even greater and there is a consequential dependence on individual manufacturers.

To provide this comprehensive service, we rely on the extensive experience of the people who make up the company –a multidisciplinary team with in-depth knowledge of their work– in addition to the support provided by the other companies in the group, with their knowledge of industrial maintenance and experience working with the wind farm sector.

The purpose of the contracts section is to increase personnel productivity, not only to ensure that all contracts are fulfilled, but also to improve the development of the work through appropriate staff sizing, and by adequately planning tasks and the hours worked.

Repowering studies

Total or partial dismantling of wind turbines to perform a technological update of the older parks, and take advantage of the best locations while improving generation capacity.

Comprehensive management

We manage all of the maintenance the park needs. This includes all the services described above:
  • Reports and manuals.
  • Study, analysis and diagnosis.
  • Management.
  • Repowering studies.


Elevating platforms

Industrial maintenance


Elevating platforms

Industrial maintenance

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